jeudi 4 août 2011


When you think of Polo Ralph Lauren, the idea of preppy white kids living an endless summer comes to mind, right? Not for me. Being a product of the eighties and nineties era of hip hop, I look at Polo (or ‘Lo’ as it’s known on the street) as being the dopest fashion from that era. In 1988, a group of kids who called themselves the ‘Lo-Lifes’ almost single-handedly brought Polo from the suburbs to the hood. Forget about Kanye West. These Lo-Lifes wore Polo exclusively and have done so to this very day. To them, Polo is more than a mere clothing brand, it’s a lifestyle with rugged roots planted in the toughest parts of Brooklyn, New York. I got together with the one and only Bagz, one of Brooklyn’s finest for a high schooling on this bold era.

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